Overlord Cabernet Sauvignon

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The full name is Benevolent Overlord which eludes to the wines absolute power, but power that is not tyrannical.  There is softness here too, so the wine won’t rip your face off.  The image of the 1928 SciFi robot from Metropolis is a very inside joke as to the Bizzaro Barrels that our own Mad Scientist/Winemaker Steve made.  Get into the tasting room and you can see pics. 

Yeah – Big Cabernet and the biggest wine we make!  Oak makes a play, but balanced with flavors of blueberries, cardamom, black currants and ripe blackberries.  Drink with a Ribeye off the grill or your choice of rich meats.  We dare you to give it the Pepsi challenge with Cabs off the top shelf at Safeway.

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