Acheson Wine Company began as many wineries do with two old wine industry friends starting their own project. Acheson Cabernet was born with the 2013 vintage which was sold to restaurants and fine wine shops in California, New York, London, Paris, and Singapore. But the revelation came when realizing the amount of waste in the wine industry. Looking at the amount of bottles, labels, corks, capsules and cardboard boxes that were being put into their own recycling bins gave them pause. A bit of research turned up a horrible statistic.

“A glass bottle in a landfill takes One Million Years to break down”

Further research revealed that many cities in the USA pick up recycling only to put it straight into a landfill because the cost of recycling the glass is not profitable. Only 30% of wine bottles actually get recycled in our country.

Winery on Tap is born!

Acheson Wine Company makes wine like any winery, in tanks and barrels, but instead of putting this wine into a .750ml bottle that gets thrown out – we put it into a 5 Gallon stainless steel keg. Perfectly preserved in an anaerobic environment, just like at the winery. That is, until we draw it out of our tap system in the Tasting Room for you to enjoy out of our refillable bottle! A fully sustainable and eco-friendly way to enjoy high quality California wines!

Women Run Business

Co-Owner Loraine Scott runs the day to day operations at Acheson. After a long career in the NY restaurant business was cut short by covid, she moved to her husband’s hometown of Sacramento and took the reins of our little company. Loraine has transformed Acheson from a small tasting room to a real home for our wine club members and a positive member of the Sacramento business community. Check out our Community Outreach page for a list of companies, organizations, and charities we support.


Steve Burch has created over 400 different wines in his 20+ year career as a winemaker in California. His goal is to produce high quality wines at prices that everyone can enjoy daily. Wines that taste like their grape varieties and sourced from all over our great state. With so many years of relationships, Acheson can source amazing grapes from top vineyards.

The Name

Acheson is the maiden name of Loraine’s husband’s paternal grandmother, Albeth Claire Scott (1917-2015) who lived in Curtis Park much of her life. You can see a picture of her in the tasting room that was taken in 1971 in front of Acheson House, Edinburgh Scotland. The Acheson family emigrated to Ireland in the early 1700’s and our bottles are green to symbolize Albeth’s pride in her Irish heritage. You can also see the original Acheson coat of arms hanging just next to the bar in the tasting room. Albeth was full of Irish wit and humor with many sayings that the family calls “Albethisms”. One of our favorites was: “Life is easier for pretty people”, and while our wines won’t make you prettier, we do hope they make you feel that way.


Own Your Bottle!  Re-Use!  Re-Fill!