Home Wine Tasting Kits!

Home Wine Tasting Kits!

Do you miss going wine tasting?

Yeah - Us Too!

Since we cannot have you at our bar, we are now able to bring our bar to you!  We have created three options to have a wine tasting right in your kitchen.  Each kit comes with four small bottles and are designed to be shared by 2-4 people.

Each bottle is .375ml so all four add up to the equivalent of 2 traditional .750ml bottles of wine.  Enough for everyone you are quarantined with, plus a bit left over to share over dinner.  We will include tasting notes for each wine listed in tasting order, so all you have to do is open, taste and talk amongst your friends.


White Wine Kit: $35

Solons Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Midtown Rose and Chardonnay

Red Wine Kit: $40

Moped Red Blend, Carole Zinfandel, Overlord Cabernet and Tannat


Build your own tasting! $40

For the true professional Wine Waster!  Choose any 4 of our wines and make a custom tasting.  Have fun and nerd out with a mix of red/white.  Create a wine dinner for your special someone!  This is a great option if you are new to our wines.  For the price of one top shelf bottle at the grocery store, you can sample 4 of our wines and decide what you like!


Want to learn about wine?

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