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The Women of Sacramento - Virtual Wine Tasting

Friday, October 23rd - 6:00PM

Join Acheson Wine Company and The Women of Sacramento for a Virtual Wine Tasting!  The team at Acheson including Winemaker Steve Burch, GM Jared Gallegos and Certified Sommelier/Co-Founder Brian Scott will lead you through a selection of our hand crafted wines.

We will be tasting four of our wines:

Solons Sauvigon Blanc

Three Seasons Rose


Carole Zinfandel

Order by Monday, October 19th to receive the wines on Wednesday the 21st. 
Wednesday Wine Wasting!
June 3rd, 2020
Join our winemaker Steve Burch and taste through our 4 white wines.
Purchase a White Wine Home Tasting Kit and we will get you the Zoom code.
We cannot have you at our bar, so we are bringing the bar to you!
Sunday Social - Rose Edition
May 24th, 2020
5:30pm - 6:30ish
This week our heroes talk about what has become our best selling wine - Midtown Rose! 
How we made it, why its dry and how did this crazy popular wine became a world phenomenon.
From the beaches of St. Tropez to White Zinfandel in the 1990's.  We will discuss it all and as every week - see where our customers take us.
Just get a fill this week and we will share the Zoom code with you!
May 17th, 2020
6:00pm - 7:00pmish
Steve and Brian will be talking about our Carole Zinfandel on Zoom.  Just get a bottle (or fill) between now and Sunday to get the code. (Doesn't even have to be Zin)
Why do we call this wine Carole?
Where did Zinfandel come from?
Why is it so dang yummy?
How did Steve Make it!
All will be answered and there may even be a special guest or two pop by.  Who knows were the conversation will go, but if we know our heroes - they will chase tangents like kittens with a laser pointer. 
Bring all your pesky wine questions, or just come hang out with a bunch of other super cool wine nerds!
See you Sunday!
Tasting the Wierdos!
Sunday, April 26th 2020
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Let's face it - Steve and Brian have never been Cool and Trendy.
They are wine nerds who like to talk about nerdy things. 
So let's get together and discuss two of our weirdo wines!
Genache Blanc and Tannat
(What the what?)
Both are new to Acheson and short in supply.  Plus, Steve and Brian will discuss wine trends they love (some they hate) and the influences of why we drink what we do from a wine professional insider point of view.
Seminar only - $15
Seminar with a bottle of Grenache Blanc - $31.50
Seminar with a bottle of Tannat - $36.50
Seminar with a bottle of each!
(retail value - $73.00)
Come tell us what you think is cool and trendy in the wine world and why we are still dorks!
Zoom Seminar code will be emailed after sign up!