Moped Red Blend

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A new blend of our best selling wine just dropped in the Tasting Room!
This time we based it in Alicante Bouchet (40%) added a bit of Petit Sirah (30%) and finished it off with Zinfandel (30%).  The new Moped has darker fruit and more structure.  Think Blackberries, Boysenberries and Chocolate Covered Cherries.

Like always, it is super yummy, juicy red wine only this time much more chocolate focused. Boysenberry, Blackberry and plum skin lead to vanilla, violets and black forest chocolate cake!

What the heck is Alicante Bouchet?! 

One the few wine grapes that has red flesh, it was created in France back in 1866 to increase the color of wines at the time.  A cross between Grenache and Petit Bouchet, it produces wines that are dark and juicy, the perfect backbone to our Moped Red.

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