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Originally from the Piedmonte Region of North Western Italy, Barbera has travelled the world mostly as a blending grape.  In Piedmonte, it tends to be grown on the lower slopes where the soils are too rich for the grander Nebbiolo grape.  During the Gold Rush, ambitious Italians planted Barbera all over the Sierra Foothills and Central Valley.  It wasn't until the 1990's however that it started to show great promise, especially in the vineyards of the Sierra Foothills.  As of 2011, Barbera has it's very own annual wine festival where over 80 producers come together to showcase their special vineyards.

Our Barbera is sourced from one of the finest sites amongst the rolling hills which lead up to the Tahoe ski country.  Lighter in style than our other red wines, our Barbera is driven by red fruit flavors of Strawberry and Cranberry.  Tannins are lighter as well, but the racy acidity holds everything together all the way through the persitent finish.

We suggest that you serve it with a slight chill to highlight the freshness of the wine.  An absolute stunner in the Summer!


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