Acheson "The Whip" Chardonnay

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This is your new Whip!

Steve sourced some amazing fruit from Mendocino as the base for our Chardonnay.  Mendocino is a cool and mountainous region near the coast where the chardonnay grapes have flavors that are lean, acidic and more tart than in other parts of California.  Think underripe pear and granny smith apple.  These were then fermented and aged in french oak barrels to round out the acid and give the wine notes of toasted brioche.

We got the ability this year to source some additional fruit from the famed Margarita Vineyard in Paso Robles.  Here the grapes tend more toward tropical flavors of Pineapple, Ripe Pear, Banana and Lemon.

These two wines can stand on their own, but when blended together become an amazing experience of California Chardonnay.  Think Caramel Apples at the State Fair with hints of Almond Nougat all held together with a tart lemon. 

Your new Whip!

Your Chardonnay-Nay!

Shout Out to our friend Alexa for winning the Chardonnay Naming Contest! 

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