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Our new MOPED Blend is the most "Complete" variation to date.  Always designed to be the perfect burger wine, Steve really nailed it this time.  The Blend is: 40% Petite Sirah / 20% Zinfandel/ 20% Cabernet Sauvignon / 10% Petite Verdot / 10% Tempranillo 

Black fruits on the nose of plumbs, blackberries and boysenberries with non fruit aromas of pineneedle, licorice and forest floor.  Super juicy on the pallet with an explosion of overripe plumb and chocolate covered cherries.  Grippy acids and tannin hold the whole thing together to a mouth watering finish which begs for another sip and a bite of cheese (or juicy burger!).

Saddle Up and take her for a ride!

Know the difference between a moped and a vespa? (It’s pedals). Mopeds are also a lot of fun to ride, but you wouldn’t necessarily want your friends to see you doing it! (LOL)

For wine nerds – the same could be said for California red blends, but for this one we don’t care.  Take a picture and “gram” it up!  You will have a lot of fun and we promise not to point and laugh.

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