Meal Kits by Cacio Restaurant

Cacio Restaurant in Greenhaven is a favorite of ours. 

The Chef/Owner Jonathan Kerksieck has known our owner Brian Scott since they were about 10yrs old.  They reconnected in the mid 1990's when Brian got a job as a waiter at Piatti and Jonathan was running the kitchen.  Despite the natural friction between front and back of the house, they remained friends.  When Acheson Wine Company opened up the Tasting Room on September 7th, 2019 it was an easy call to make for who would handle the food.

Chef Kerksieck has continued to show his love for the front of the house people as his wife Katie now runs their dining room.  Please go support them and enjoy our wines on tap there too!!

We currently offer the following for pick up or delivery.

Sorry - no discounts on food.

California Wines with Italian Food made by a German Chef.


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