SOLD OUT - Rigatoni with Butternut Squash, Parmesean and Sage

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Just Heat n' Serve!

This meal is ready for the oven.  Just slide it in accourding to the directions and you will have a delicious meal in a matter of minutes!

Created just for Acheson Wine Company!  A mixture of Rigatoni with Butternut Squash Chunks perfumed with fresh sage, a Butternut Squash bechemel sauce (butter, flour, milk, salt, spices) and topped with Parmesean Cheese.   A beautiful vegetarian dish that was designed to pair with our Carole Zinfandel or Overlord Cabernet.  This is fall comfort food that will benefit from the bigger and bolder styles of wines.  The added spice component of the Zinfandel will really bring forth the sage, where as the richer/oakier notes of the Cabernet pair with the salinity of the Parmesean cheese.

Note that this is a ready to heat item and all of the ingredients are pre-mixed.

Serving Size: 1

Ingredients: Rigatoni Pasta, Butternut Squash, Bechamel (butter, flour, ilk, salt), Cream, Salt, Pepper, Spices, Parmesan

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